Eagle Coach Company

Designing and manufacturing high quality professional vehicles that exceed customer expectations.

Eagle Limousines

Built on heavy-duty chassis's with many standard features to ensure that your vehicle will be performance ready whenever, and wherever you need it!´╗┐

Specialty Vehicles

Eagle coach company's funeral service vans are as dignified as they are versatile´╗┐.

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From our humble beginnings in 1982

Eagle Coach Company has continuously strived to design and manufacture high quality professional vehicles that exceed customer expectations

Eagle Coach Company is arguably the recognized industry leader in overall quality, style, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Offering our customersThe Very Best Selection & Quality Of Vehicle

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We are builders of world class professional vehicles, including funeral coaches, hearses, limousines and 1st call vans.

Industry LeaderIn overall quality, style,
innovation & customer satisfaction since 1982.